First Day of Therapy

The first day of therapy feels kind of like the first day of school.Part of you is embarrassingly hopeful – this could be the first step towards your new beginning, there’s still a chance for a better, happier you! But you’re still contending with the ever-present fear of being vulnerable. Chalk Therapy What could happen if you open yourself up?  At school, there’s a chance that others might make fun of you for being you. Once in 6th grade, I told a boy that I was taking piano lessons and he laughed and called me a pianist (pronounced like penis, obviously). So, being vulnerable doesn’t always work out.

You’ve bottled yourself up for so long that you don’t know how to let loose. Where will you find the words to sum up your experiences? It’s like picking the bookbag that’s really “you” this year. One year it was the rolling bookbag (so noisy!), next year a classic JanSport with buttons and pins attached.


What was your first day of therapy like? Join the discussion below.

7 thoughts on “First Day of Therapy

  1. My first day of therapy was pretty much me feeling like I needed to have all my problems fixed in one session. Like maam, just gimme the formula so I can get out of here. And then it was like… maam why do you expect me to have an agenda. I have you my blurb. Now YOU tell me what you need to fix me. Duh?

      1. I’m with you on that, “fixed and go back to normal.” Until I realized that there will be a new normal.

        My very first day I was super naive and thought I was gonna be guided and get answers from my therapist. You know, like a consultant.

        My first day with my current therapist I was ready to do the work and tackle my ish. Kinda like a sport in the sense where you know that there’s someone trying to take you out, but you make you mind up and plant your feet firmly in the ground and say, “NOT TODAY!”.

      2. Yes! Love what you said about a new normal. The reason most people go to therapy is because normal isn’t working in the first place! Lol Being willing to stand firm and fight for your best self takes guts, but it’s so worth it!

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