Coming Soon…Spoken Black Girl Magazine!


Spoken Black Girl Magazine is an online oasis of mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness for women of color. We’re committed to dispelling the stigma around mental health by providing women of color a space to tell their own stories of pain, growth, and transformation while sharing practical solutions for mental, physical, and spiritual healing.

We Don’t Just Stop at Healing

SBG Mag is a resource for women that want to go beyond healing and start thriving. We cover stories that stretch our understanding of what’s truly possible in our lives. This is a positive, affirmative space.

Loving Ourselves Naturally

At Spoken Black Girl Magazine, we believe that healthy living is more than just exercising, diet or even therapy – it’s all of those things combined and more! Self-love means taking care of the body, mind, and soul with the purest ingredients, the best mental health options, and revitalizing discussions on spirituality – everything that the millennial women of color needs to flourish!

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We’re Launching June 1st!

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Want to contribute?

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