Spotlight on Dr. Nikki Coleman

This week let's learn from the amazing Nikki Coleman, Ph.D. Nikki Coleman has dedicated her career to examining how relationships and cultural context influence mental health, particularly for Black women. When she's not conducting therapy sessions and workshops, she's shaping young minds as a college professor. I find her innovative and unique approach to mental … Continue reading Spotlight on Dr. Nikki Coleman

Spotlight on Quinn Gee

One of the biggest challenges that people face when considering therapy involves simply being able to access a mental health professional. Quinn Gee, a professional counselor from Memphis, Tennessee, is a woman on a mission. Her motto is “You don’t have to do this alone” In fact, Quinn's path towards counseling emerged from a desire to … Continue reading Spotlight on Quinn Gee

Spotlight on Black Female Therapists

I'm always thinking of new ways to help Black women find mental and emotional healing. My newest initiative involves creating a directory of Black female therapists as a resource for readers who are seeking a mental health professional. The response to my call for Black female therapists on Twitter has really been amazing! Starting this … Continue reading Spotlight on Black Female Therapists